Savannah cats and kittens by Avalon Savannahs Savannah cats originate from Servals

       Savannah cats and kittens from Avalon Savannahs cattery may appear at first to have come straight out of the wild African savannah grasslands but we can assure you that our golden spotted Savannah cats and kittens are raised right here at our home in California. We are Savannah cat breeders (not savanna cat) and our Savannah cats and kittens are as close to an exotic African Serval  (from which they derive) as you will find in a spotted domestic house cat. Savannah cats are known for their playfulness elegance and devotion to their owners (depending to some degree on their generation removed from the wild). The Savannah cat enjoys human interaction  and will entertain you with their antics.  Savannahs make friends very  easily and will enthrall the owner like no other cat. Some say that Savannah cats look like small leopards or cheetahs, they have proportionately the longest legs of any cat and it takes but minutes to warm to these striking and inquisitive cats. The Savannah is perhaps the most intelligent of all felines and may enjoy your company more so than many other breeds of cats, they love to play. Our Savannah cats and kittens make wonderful loving pets and can even be taught tricks like fetching, kissing and walking on a leash or harness.
We have been breeding healthy cats for almost two decades and maintain our Savannah cats and kittens in a loving home environment, free of any feline diseases. Awarded both the CFA Cattery of Excellence and TICA Outstanding Cattery we have also participated in Tica's voluntary breeder program. 

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Savannah cats are for the discriminating cat lover who appreciates a larger, closer to the wild look in a cat, and as such may not suit everyone. Savannahs are strictly indoor cats (allowing for supervised walks) and we DO NOT allow the inhumane act of declawing our kittens which is also illegal in California within the first three generations of hybridization. (see link on declawing for more information) Because Savannah cats are closer to the wild than most domestic cats we recommend a more natural feline diet for optimum health and longevity, (please see link on feeding.) This website is a work in progress and we hope to create one that will give the reader some insightful information about Savannah cats, within these pages you will find information on feeding your Savannah, preparing for a new arrival, declawing (what it really means to a cat), poisonous plants, early spaying, Savannah breed description and show standard, toys, scratching posts and more. We hope to create a site of reference and education, not just a place to (proudly) display our Savannah cat family, feed back will always be appreciated so please explore the links and pictures and check back as we add to the site.

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This is Willow at 10 weeks, she is an F1 Savannah kitten (first generation from Serval)

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