Adopting an Avalon Savannah Kitten

To find out if we have a special Savannah kitty for you  please  EMail  Or Call 619 669 1125 and let us know a little about yourself and what you are looking for in a kitten, i.e. gender, generation (F2-F5) etc. We will reply and tell you when we expect to have kittens or if we have one that fits your requirements, we can give you price structure and shipping costs at that time. If you would like to be placed on a waiting list a reservation fee will be accepted. When your kitten becomes available we will furnish you with information about him/her including pictures. When you are absolutely sure that this is the kitten that you wish to adopt further arrangements will be made.
All kittens are unique and none will leave us until they are absolutely ready. As a rule we keep kittens until they are between twelve and sixteen weeks old. We Spay or Neuter all of our PET kittens before they leave us, this works best for the kittens as recovery is faster and stress is minimized while mom and siblings are still together, kittens are up and running the same day after the procedure, not the case with an older kitten or cat. When a kitten leaves us at 'Avalon Savannahs' all the new parents should have to do is Love them.
We have never had a kitten leave us who was not 100% healthy and we have never had anyone ask to bring a kitten back. We wish to continue making kittens and their adopted families happy
All kittens will be Vet checked twice by a qualified veterinarian before leaving and all shots will be up to date. Any kitten who is being shipped via air will have a health certificate. Perhaps it's the purr of the engines but kittens travel very well by air, usually sleeping all the way, travel by car however is not their favorite thing to do until they become accustomed to it. Many people elect to fly in to San Diego to pick up their kittens and we can arrange to meet at the airport if this is the case. Our wish is that none of our Savannah kittens be caged and we also do not ship outside of the United States. We have been raising healthy kittens for over eighteen years and we will always do what is in the best interest of the kitten. 'Avalon Savannahs' kittens are sold under contract not to be declawed (see the link below to "why we shouldn't declaw") 

 Note : Prices among breeders will vary and investigating other catteries may be a sensible move, however,  one should always be suspect of breeders offering  unreasonably low priced Savannah kittens, Rule of thumb - 'Cream rises to the top', quality and health will save you much more in the long term, always buy the very best and you will not be disappointed later. - Julia


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