Ways To Strengthen Family Relationships At Your Fingertips

Contrary to popular beliefs, mobile phones and communication technology does not break your family relationships; it lets you do more with it. Just like the rhetorical question “Is the glass half empty or half full?” you might take a pessimist or optimist approach towards technology, but here are ways to make the most out of your smartphones to foster closer family bonds.

Discover redONE’s postpaid family plans exclusively for redONE master line holders! The programme is available for Amazing58 and Amazing38 postpaid plans; you can register or port in a supplementary line with no upfront payments or registration fees. Now, you can enjoy high-speed internet data, unlimited calls and value-added services at affordable rates with your family; find out what you can do with it!

Keep Family Close to the Heart, Virtually

As we are denied the luxury of free movement across borders and states, virtual family gatherings are made possible thanks to technology. Skype calls, phone calls, instant messaging… explore the endless alternatives to family reunions! Enjoy high-quality voice and video calls with redONE’s family plan. The package offers unlimited calls to all networks, together with 4G LTE data for high-definition video calls.

Missing your grandparents or cousins living far away? Give them a call and tell them how much you missed them. Tell them the latest family happenings at home or call them up to check on them; a little company during these times of home confinement will make them feel cared for and loved. As movement restrictions are lifted gradually, take your family members on a virtual sightseeing tour! Video call them when you are outside for a stroll or a picnic at a nearby park.

You do miss your family members…but perhaps you missed your furry friends even more. Give them a video call too! Someone has to be there to help your pet navigate those communication apps (unfortunately, smartphones have not advanced enough to accommodate paw recognition features yet). Watch them as they stare in awe with their little eyes, reaching their paws behind the device in an attempt to ‘touch’ you…isn’t that just adorable?


Stay Active

Your back and neck hurt after long hours of working on the computer, binge-watching Netflix and scrolling through social media apps on your phone. Being home-bounded does turn you into a couch potato, but how do you stay active when your redONE phone plan offers you fast and reliable 4G data, together with value-added services redSOCIAL for social media platforms as low as RM10 per month?

Time to put those high-speed data to good use! Ditch the couch potato lifestyle and get moving by trying home workouts together (no equipment required!). Stream home workout videos on Youtube or Instagram and find everything from pilates to hardcore cardio workouts that suits their preference. Hit the ground running, even at home—you and your family can get in shape in no time with these easy workouts.

Not a workout enthusiast? Have a trivia night by playing a variety of virtual mobile games with your family members. Get their brains in gear with the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ app or team up and compete against each other on the ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’ app. Challenge them to a game of charades with the ‘Heads Up’ app, guaranteed lots of family fun, laughter and movement.

Get Crafty and Creative

With more time at home, why not teach your little ones some simple home skills? redONE’s family postpaid plan offers redVIDEO, a value-added service that lets you have exclusive 10GB of high-speed data for video streaming.

Explore a variety of recipe or craft videos on Youtube. Children love it when adults give them a chance to do ‘grown-up things’, like helping out in the kitchen or doing simple chores around the house. Education begins at home; learning new skills help to cultivate independence and instil creativity in them. Teach them how to make their favourite snacks by referring to Youtube videos or try out fun, new recipes together on TikTok. Get crafty by creating artwork and accessories together and display them at home to give them a sense of accomplishment. There is just so much to do at home!

Show That You Care

Constant communication is key to a good family relationship. WIth unlimited redCALLS and high-speed internet data, stay connected with your loved ones through calls and social media platforms.

Share bits and pieces of your lives with your loved ones. Send them random pictures of your adorable pets or a funny video to brighten up their day. Text or call them from time to time to check up on them; minor yet affectionate gestures like this will go a long way.

Actions speak louder than words. Surprise your loved ones on their birthdays or special occasions by delivering them a cake or dessert platter through food delivery apps—your thoughtful gifts are sure to warm hearts. When they feel uncomfortable or sick, assist them with daily chores by getting groceries online, hiring cleaning services, and ordering nutritious food.


Stay connected and save more! All new and existing redONE users are eligible for this family postpaid plan with no contractual commitments. Like all other good things, it is important to be smart and utilise what we have to reap the benefits and shun the disadvantages! Visit https://www.redone.com.my/promotion/family_programme for more information about their family postpaid plan.